Obstruction of Justice Law

Obstruction of Justice Attorney RI

Rhode Island’s Obstruction Law R.I.G.L. §11-32-1

It is unlawful for anyone to obstruct the justice system in Rhode Island. This can come in many forms. In general, one cannot stop or interfere with the police in the course of their duties. Obstruction can be physical, such as standing in the way of an officer while performing his duties, or running from an officer when the officer has the legal authority to detain someone. Obstruction does not have to be in the form of physical obstruction. One can obstruct an officer by refusing to give pertinent information or giving false information that an officer needs for an investigation.  Police officers are not the only ones whom a person can obstruct. For example, this statute covers firemen, military and civil officers.


However, obstruction of a police officer is the most common. Because of the variety of ways that this statute can be violated, you need the experience of Attorney Peter Calo to best represent you and your interests if you are accuse of this crime. Attorney Peter Calo, because of his law enforcement experience, understands the crime of obstruction of justice better than most attorneys. Contact him today if you are accused of this crime for a free consultation.


In Rhode Island, Obstruction of Justice is classified as a misdemeanor. One could potentially face time in jail, up to one year in prison, and a substantial fine of up to $500 if convicted of this crime. Attorney Peter Calo is best equipped to protect you and your interests if you are accused of obstruction of justice. Contact him today for a free consultation.