Indecent Exposure Law

Indecent Exposure Attorney RI

Rhode Island’s Indecent Exposure Law R.I.G.L. §11-45-2

In Rhode Island, it is illegal to expose oneself to another for purpose of sexual gratification. The way the statute is written, the prosecution must prove that the person intentionally expose themselves for sexual gratification. The first offense is a misdemeanor; however subsequent offenses would be a felony. Further, one convicted of this offense may face sexual offender consequences. Therefore, should you be charged with offense you need the experience of Attorney Peter Calo to best represent you and your rights. Contact him today!


There are potentially serious consequences from being charged with this crime, which is initially charged as a misdemeanor.  Most importantly, if found guilty of a second or subsequent offense, the penalty rises to a felony with the potential of spending years behind bars.  Further, because this is a sex offense, there may be sexual registration consequences.  Because of these reasons, it is extremely important to have the best representation to defend and preserve your rights.  Attorney Peter Calo is best equipped to defend you should you be charged with this or any crime. Contact him today for a free consultation.

First Offense: Misdemeanor

  • Up to $1000 Fine and/or
  • Imprisonment up to 1 Year

Second and Subsequent Offense(s): Felony

  • Up to $1000 Fine and/or
  • Imprisonment up to 3 Years