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Rhode Island’s Trespassing Law R.I.G.L. §11-44-26

Trespassing is a common misdemeanor in Rhode Island and is punishable up to one year in prison and/or $1000 in fines. There is also the likelihood that a court ordered trespassing order would be issued. Because of the seriousness of these dispositions, if you are charged with the crime of trespassing you need the expertise of Attorney Peter Calo to defend you and your rights.

In Rhode Island, there are two ways that a person can violate the trespassing statute; either by a willful trespass or by the entry of an individual having no legitimate purpose for coming onto the land of another and remaining there “after having been forbidden to do so.” First, willful trespass occurs when a person intentionally enters onto the property of another with the intent to disrupt the owner or with mal intentions. No warning needs to be given in this instance because the person knew they did not belong on the property and entered with the ill will. Second, a person violates this statute if they enter on the property of another, without any legitimate purpose and is told to leave but remains on the property. If no trespassing signs are posted, then entering the land would violate this statute because the person would have been warned. If you are charged with the crime of trespassing, you need an attorney like Peter Calo who will vigorously fight for your rights. Contact him today for a free consultation.


Trespassing is classified as a misdemeanor in Rhode Island. If accused of this crime you could face jail time of up to one year in prison and up to $1000 fine. Only an experienced attorney like Peter Calo can best represent you and your rights if you are accused of this crime. Contact him today for a free consultation.