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Rhode Island’s Vandalism Law  R.I.G.L. §11-44-1

There are several ways a person can violate the Rhode Island’s vandalism statute. First, and most obvious, is to destroy, paint, write upon or otherwise deface the property of another. That is the most common violation of this statute. However, one can also violate this statute by obstructing the use of the property of another. This would means that if someone prevents (obstructs) another from using their property they have potentially violated this statute. No damage would have to be done to the property in that case. The other way to violate the vandalism statute is to obstruct the lawful pursuit of another. Again, no damage is required for this. An example of obstructing someone’s lawful pursuits would be if someone jumped into another’s vehicle and refused to get out of the vehicle, thereby obstructing that person’s lawful pursuit. No matter what form of vandalism charge you may be facing, an experience attorney like Peter Calo can best represent you.


Vandalism is a misdemeanor that is punishable up to one year in prison and/or $1000 in fines. Often, the person charged with vandalism will also be ordered to pay for the damage caused. Additionally, one could face at least 100 hours of community service as part of the disposition. If you are charged with the crime of vandalism you need the expertise of Attorney Peter Calo to defend you and your rights. Contact him today for a free consultation.